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Autumn Collection from Icon 2015

Posted on September 03 2015

It's that time of year when Icon drop their 'additions' collection, and we can safely say that we are happy with what we're seeing. There's plenty of new stuff that we'll cover a bit later on - but there is a stand out product in the additions collection that will surely be a top seller for us moving forward. It's taken us a little bit by surprise, and it's a little out of character for Icon as a brand... but the all new Airframe Pro helmet is going to be a winner.

Icon Airframe Pharaoh HelmetAvailable in an array of colours right from the off in both a regular multi composite shell and a carbon fibre construction, the Airframe Pro - which is a race helmet by the way looks and feels the part. It's massively reduced in weight compared to it's older brother (the Airframe) and it's a damn site cooler too - well in my opinion anyway! My personal favourite is the Pharaoh - quite frankly I think it's the best graphic that Icon has ever done - some will agree, most won't - but that's just because Icon have produced so many cool off the shelf graphics in the last 13 years and to be honest, these things are always very personal.

Besides the Pharaoh (that's my favourite one by the way... if I hadn't already said) there is the latest 'Ghost Carbon' a typical graphic that Icon have for all of their helmets - a plain carbon matt finish for the stripped back look, and a 'Halo Carbon' that is very BMW esque... both (as the name suggests they're both carbon shells).

In multi composite fibre, we've got the Halo - which comes in a colourway to match each bike... you've got the red for Honda, Blue for Suzuki, Green for Kawasaki and a Black for those of us who don't want to look like one of the Power Rangers! Icon have also decided to put a half naked woman with rather large assets on the 'Pleasuredome 2' - something that is bound to appeal to someone out there in a remote location in the middle of nowhere. Construct graphics also make an appearance on the Airframe Pro - naked shells with a thin lick of paint... and obviously for those of you who don't want all the bells and whistles - there's the plain gloss and rubatone lids too.

Take a look at em' here:

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  • Derek: September 16, 2015

    Loving the new Icon Airframe Pro helmets, I’ve popped my pre order in for one – thanks for the speedy responses to my emails, keep up the great work and will be coming back every time I need more gear =)

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