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Icon Airframe Pro Review - New to Pistonoids

Posted on October 02 2015

Icon Airframe Pro Motorcycle Helmet

Icon Airframe proOk... so they've finally landed in stock with Pistonoids. The Icon Airframe Pro helmet is coming to the market after 6 years of hardwork and dedication, we thought that the Airframe was a great helmet, but my word - Icon have taken it up to a whole other level with this beauty.

The helmet is vastly different to it's predecessor, the first thing you'll notice straight off the bat is the difference in style - even from the image it is evident that the Airframe Pro motorcycle helmet has been designed as a fully fledged racing helmet, much more suited to the 'tucked' position. It is much closer to the aesthetics of a traditional European sports helmet with much cleaner, smoother lines. The internals are also vastly improved with a removable, washable and replaceable five piece set liner which covers both the crown of the head and the cheeks.

Venting is the biggest improvement for me though. The original Airframe had a solid vent that only really came in to play when the riders head was at around a 45 degree angle on the motorcycle - the new helmet: the Airframe Pro has massively improved on this, with a widened area and included 5 exhaust vents - Airframe Pro is much quieter, better in the racing position and lets in much more air, keeping the rider's head much cooler.

So - let's get to the nitty gritty of it all... Airframe pro is DOT and ECE22.05 approved for road use in both Europe and North America. It is extremely lightweight and not made of the traditional polycarbonate we've come to expect from Icon - this is a multi composite, hard wearing, sports motorcycle lid perfect for road users and racers alike.

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