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Optics Visor Shield (Airmada / Airframe Pro) - RST Blue

£ 44.00


The Icon Optics Visor Shield in the RST Blue mirror version looks pretty trick on any Airmada or Airframe Pro - but it's really set off when it's added to a blue graphic in particular. The mirror effect really makes the visor stand out from the crowd so you can look like a true moto-hero. This has to be one of the greatest accessories for your Airmada or Airframe Pro lid - it looks cool and of course it helps with any unwanted sunlight too. The Optics visor is supplied pre-fitted with a shield lock system to help keep the visor shut down at high speeds. A fog free coating also finishes this shield off.

Please Note: This visor only fits the Icon Airmada & Airframe Pro helmet

Please Note: When ordering visors that are not legal in your country, they must only be used for off road purposes or events where they are permitted - they are not supplied for use on public roads. (Consult your countries road agency for more information)